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Data Analysis is a process to understand the visual report produce by data analytics application and generate a right plan for business growth. We are fast growing big data analysis and business intelligence services provider Company in Delhi.. We work on open source development platform and also have partnership with many big data analytics companies around the world. We can resolve your data analysis issue and improve business growth with our business intelligence and big data analysis software solution.

Big Data Analytics

As it name shows big data mean large data which required lot of storage space. Big Data build with V3.
Volume – The amount of data is very large as every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and it 90% of data created in last 2 years. Today Google receives over 4 million search queries per minute from the 2.4 billion strong global internet population, and same amount of data collected by many top website.
Velocity – The data is growing very fast. Many social media and other electronic communication medium are now generating and accelerating data volume.
Variety - The data come with many type of format and files which have both structured and unstructured data makes variety in data.
We have an expert team who analysis your all structured and unstructured data and use data visualization technique to make your easy understandable. We are also developing big data analysis and data visualization tool by using Hadoop and Drill. We convert data from any formats and source. We are using many 3rd party data analysis and visualization tool to analysis the big data.

Business Analysis & Business Intelligence Solution

Business Analysis is a process to analysis the business process and optimizes it to generate more business and improve the quality of business and services. We have an expert team which will work with your marketing and management team and develop a business process for the business to overcome the pitfall. We will review your current process and targeted market place and use many modern business process management tool and data analysis tool to major the effect of changes and find the leakage on the business process. We are providing client side business analyst expert which will work on your workstation and provide solution and training to your staff member to use our business intelligence tool. We are also providing expert training for much 3rd party popular business intelligence software. If you think there are some special type of business tool required to optimize your business process than we will develop a special business process management and business intelligence software to you to monitor your business.

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We at Tricky Mind Solution have an expert team of business and data analyst to monitor the business process and convert the big data into simple visual data. We are also providing software and web application solution for big data analysis and business analysis. Fill the below form for free consultation call back.

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