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We at Tricky Mind Solution provides all local online and traditional marketing services in Delhi. The new generation mobile devices increase the requirement for local business marketing. The local marketing technique generate high-quality business customer because every customer wants to find products and services nearby their location. We offer traditional marketing like Newspaper advertising, TV ads, Classified and yellow page, print media ads as well as local online marketing services like local SEO, Mobile SEO, online classified, Google, yahoo, Bing local optimization, digital map marketing and many more.

Local SEO Services

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine generate massive new clients for any business if the business on the first page. We are leading local SEO Company in Delhi, providing complete online local marketing services for all size business. The local SEO services help the small business to promote their products and services in a specific region. It offers an opportunity to optimize the business website for the regional customer, it is not necessary for local business marketing you have a website you can promote your business with help of local classified and local business directory. We offer local SEO services, Local Business directory submission, mobile Ads, local citation and review generation, digital map marketing, online classified, yellow page marketing and local social media marketing services.

Radio Advertising Services

FM Radio is a medium where people spend most of their leisure time. FM radio is one of the most powerful marketing medium in metro cities. There are millions of listener of top FM station like Radio City, Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Oye, Big FM and many more. Radio advertising is best for short term offer, seasonable marketing, and brand awareness for any type of business. The FM advertising is best for the age group 18 - 45 because most of the people spend their 30 minute to 1 hour every day in traveling with listen any FM station. So it is most popular marketing medium for the business that has customer between this age group. Radio is a suitable marketing platform for local business or regional business.

Feature of our FM Radio Advertising

  • RJ Mentions
  • Hourly Tags
  • Outdoor Broadcast Links
  • Sponsorship
  • Time Band Optimization & Channel Selection to reach right target audience
  • Estimated Lead Conversion Rate: 3 - 4 %

Newspaper Advertising Services

Local Newspaper and print media is most popular traditional marketing medium which are same popular today as it was 20 years back. The newspapers and print media have regular readers who spend around 15 to 30 minute every day. Currently, we are offering newspaper advertising services in Delhi – NCR, India. There are basically four types of print media ads you can publish in the newspaper.

  1. Text Classified Ad – This type of ads show on newspapers classified page without any image. The average length of these advertising should be between 25 to 150 words and most of the newspaper charges for per word.
  2. Classified Display Ad - It contains your brand logo, graphics and images with promotional text information. These are high visibility ads in classified pages; you can select colour, font and another styling in these ads.
  3. Display Ad – It shows on an image and graphic on any page of newspapers, it is a most attention-grabbing place in all newspapers and it price depended on the pages you selected and ad size.
  4. Full Page Ad – You can add a special first page on the newspaper. Your ad will display on a complete page. The ad is famous for high branding advertising in the newspapers.

TV and Other Digital Medium Marketing

Currently, we are offering TV advertising services in Delhi – NCR. TV advertising is most popular marketing medium for branding of any products. We are also providing advertising services to top digital TV service providers like Tata Sky, AirTel DTH, Dish TV, Videocon DTH etc. You can select any TV channel to run your ad as per your targeted user. We have a partnership with many production houses to generate most attractive and cost effecting video for your brand marketing.

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