This is a big question for all webmaster and business owner how to rank high on the top search engines. Most of them work hard to get high rank on the Google and many times they do over-optimization or black hat SEO to rank high, but forget all this hard work, now you can tank high on the Google by implementing these 4 parameters.

Optimized Content

The content is always king for WebPages. Content optimization is a trick which you can learn very easy. The first rule forgets keywords density and writes for the human. You just need to mind your primary keyword and add some extra word with your primary keyword. It will manage your keyword density. You just need to follow a sample keywords density formula Required Keywords Density ={( the Total word in keyword)*(Total Uses of Keywords)/ Total Number of Words in Content}*100. I.e if you want to count the keyword density of the keyword “Content Optimization” where content length is 250 words, and this keyword used 3 times in the content, then keyword density according to above formula.

Keyword Density = {(2*3)/250}*100 = 2.40%

You can use this formula to find the number of uses for any keywords.

Keyword Uses = Total Number of keywords*keywords Density/Total word used in keyword*100

Keyword Used = 250*2.40/2*100 = 3

But the big question is how we can know what the best keyword density for our keywords?

Then you first need to list out all possible keyword and short then according to business relevancy. Once your list completes divided your keyword into two categories. Primary Keyword and Secondary keyword, now the time for real work. You just need to remember one thing the maximum keywords density for good content is 6%. That means for a one-world keyword i.e SEO the word should come in maximum 6 times in 100 words for the same 2 words keyword “SEO Services” it should maximum 3 times, and 3 words keyword “Best SEO Services” it should maximum 2 times. Remember one thing when you got the result in point then if the result is less than 0.50 the follow the only number before the point. But if you get point value more than .50 then increase the before point value one. Like if you get 2.45% then used it 2 times or if you get 2.68 then used it 3 times.

Optimized Meta Tags

Meta Tags are the second most important onsite SEO factors which play an important role on website keywords search engine ranking. The title and Meta description tags are most important for SEO. The big question is how you can create Meta tags for a page, for this, you first need to check the keywords density on the page content. After that put your most important keyword first and use your brand name in last. The title tag should be between 65 to 70 characters and the Meta description tag should be between 150 to 170 characters.

Improve Website Load time

The website load time comes in 3rd place in the ranking factor, most of the SEO person misses this factor or doesn’t count a ranking factor but I think it is, because if your website doesn’t load fast on the website user close it and it will increase the bounce rate of the website and decrease website authority.  As a result, most of the Website development India agencies are focusing more on website load time. The website load time should not be greater than 3s. You can check the website load time by using Pingdom () tool. If you find the website load time is more than required than you can use chrome development tool or Google page insight tool.  The 1st thing you need to do manifest the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used on the website and second things you need to do remove unrelated codes, external files and use gzip compression to reduce the website load time.

Responsive Design

The fourth important website ranking factor is responsive website design. The responsive design makes the website more user-friendly and Google start count this in a ranking factor from 2015. You can use the Chrome development tool to check the website compatibility for different devices.  If you have an old website that it is the right time to upgrade the website design and rank high. You can use Google webmaster tool to check the website mobile devices compatibility.