The iPhone X is the latest flagship device from the house of Apple. Ever since its release, it has garnered rave reviews across the world for its stellar design as well as powerful user features. The new device is meant to replace the older designs of iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus devices, which means that the new device has a reduced bezel as well as a modern look. While it is true that many people would be immediately put off by its steep price, it still has many great points working for it. So let’s have a closer look at the iPhone X and consider why you may want to buy it.


Here is the Complete iPhoneX Review

  • Although Apple has been trying out their time tested design for quite a long time, they have finally come up with a whole new design concept for their new iPhone X mode. Simply by taking a glance at the iPhone X you can immediately understand that it is a major departure from their earlier models.
  • Not only this new device looks great but it is also packed with a whole lot of exciting features that make it one of the finest smartphones right now that are available in the market. Slightly larger than iPhone 8, it is also comparatively smaller and narrower than iPhone 8 Plus. The new phone has a 5.8 inch display. In this way, it creates the perfect balance.
  • The new phone stands out for its stainless steel sides and rear and front of this phone is made of glass. The front of iPhone 8 had an extensive bezel that runs around the display. However, such a feature is missing in the iPhone X. The reduced bezel is also accompanied by a prominent screen along with a sharp black border which creates a perfect contrast to the display.
  • Unlike the previous models that came with a home button at the bezel, it is a feature that is also not present in iPhone X. There is also a lack of Touch ID fingerprint scanner in this new model. However, users can now benefit from a new facial recognition feature. Such advanced features are also motivating many software development india firm to start R&D on such similar features and come up with advanced features in their coming devices.
  • The various components that are used for Face ID, like infrared camera, dot projector and flood illuminator are now housed in the ‘notch’ which is located at the upper section of the display. While some people have complained that the presence of the notch actually disturbing the whole immersive experience, one can get easily used to this feature after starting to use the device.
  • Additionally, the notch feature actually creates a highly distinct look for this phone which is rather hard to miss. It also helps to differentiate it from some of the similar looking smartphone devices.


Many tech experts and mobile game app developers have their own different opinion on its features, functionality, design, usability, pricing. However, the collective response of a majority of tech experts declares that iPhone X is a unique and a smart buy option for iPhone users.


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